We are proud to have made it this far and excited to move on to the next phase. Get ready to unlock the full power of blokdots—many exciting features coming up!

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Thanks to your support, we are now ready to take blokdots to the next stage: on February 6th, blokdots will move out of beta and switch to a pro pricing model. Going forward, all features currently marked as “beta” will require a license—all other features will remain free! 🎉🏷️

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If you're a designer working on the user experience, this article is for you!

Learn how to build hardware & software integrated prototypes with ProtoPie⌨️

📍 bit.ly/3ZafZ1d

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Attention all Mac fans! Our app now fully supports Apple Silicon (M) processors for even faster and smoother performance. Get ready to create your hardware prototypes faster than ever!

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Third edition of course @hslu_luzern with @faebser @ Luzern, Switzerland instagram.com/p/CljmVa3qmNl/?i

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