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I'm an author, artist, and programmer, living in southern Maryland USA. I help people achieve their goals by inspiring and encouraging them and by creating useful software tools. I also produce a lot of interesting things.

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social media right now feels like that scene in the Simpsons where Bart is playing three games of chess at the same time and immediately gets checkmated in all three

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Storm in Jupiter by
procesed by Kevin M Hill.

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Now seeking a way to filter out certain keywords from the Federated feed...

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One thing that’s a bit of a hassle with Mastodon is that you can’t immediately follow people on other instances.

You have to copy the username and search for it on the server that has your account.

To make this easier, I’ve created a little bookmarklet. Press it, and you’ll be taken to the same account as viewed from the masto host you are on.

GitHub Gist:

(Change the value of `MY_MASTO_HOST` in the code to your mastodon host –not URL– and you’re good to go)

Interested in an atypical sci-fi novel by an indie author that you can read for free on KU?

Yes, I wrote it, but there are over 300 reviews between Amazon and Goodreads with an excellent rating:

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Image of Nile River taken from the ISS 🛰️🌍

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If you're buying books today, don't forget about small publishers, small bookstores, and indie authors. You could really make someone's day!

#bookstadon #books #BlackFriday

It's 3am... what do I do? Jump out of bed and refactor some code and add a few code execution paths. Yeah, but neatly indented code makes me happy (even happier when it works). I think I'll go back to bed now.

Anyone else finding it entertaining that mastadon is doing landscape images where the other platforms are pushing square to portrait images? How to make a single image preview look nice across all media... sigh.

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Firstly, I'd just like to say thank you to all the people who have liked, boosted and commented on my images, and to all the new followers I have. It's rather humbling. 😊

Today's shot comes from a magical day in the Scottish #Highlands, a few years ago, when I was photographing red squirrels.

These charming characters are incredibly agile and can jump great distances between trees.

Here I managed to capture one as it appears to be flying down my lens.

#redsquirrel #scotland #wildlife #fun

Good morning! sqlite3:
SELECT AS tblName, AS colName,
p.type AS colType,
p.[notnull] AS colNotNull, AS colPK,
p.dflt_value AS colDefault,
IIF(INSTR(p.type,'CHAR')>0,'"',' ') AS colDelimiter, AS colDisplayTitle,
p.cid AS colSortOrder
FROM sqlite_master m
LEFT OUTER JOIN pragma_table_info(( p
ON <>
WHERE <> 'sqlite_sequence'
ORDER BY, p.cid;

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I didn't realise that #ThickTrunkTuesday is actually a thing?! That is totally awesome.

Here are a few of my local old boys.

1. ~6.5m girth beech pollard
2. ~6.2m girth hollow ancient beech pollard
3. ~8.1m girth ancient oak pollard
4. ~10.2m girth hollow ancient oak pollard

#photography #treelovers #treefolks #treehuggers

Today's joy (after photoshop/illustrator): Why won't this CSS work? Which syntax is it? WHY??? Why! [It works better if you include the css in the html.] ARGH. I have been coding too long today.

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There was something thats felt off about mastodon and I just figured out what it is: I'm not getting pummeled by ads and bright/loud videos in every fifth or sixth post.

In other words, I can just enjoy reading what people write without having to mentally prepare for regular sucker punches to my senses, or having to put this shit down before I have a seizure. No... im not kidding.

But that was normal everywhere... I didn't think anything of it until now. Somehow I still became normalized to those conditions.

Jesus... social media really is so unhealthy.

Writers and Authors !!!! Don't forget !!!! NaNoWriMo is followed by NaDeFirQuaNoEdPer (National December and First Quarter Novel Editing Period) !!!!

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