Today's joy (after photoshop/illustrator): Why won't this CSS work? Which syntax is it? WHY??? Why! [It works better if you include the css in the html.] ARGH. I have been coding too long today.

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@cattailnu Happened to me too. After Two hours of wondering 💭 I finally noticed it.

@raimoncoding I didn't time it, but it was entirely too long and very painful. 😂

@cattailnu 😭 I didn't time it either, but I must have had atleast an half year of programming experience.

@raimoncoding Oh, I've got a couple decades of programming experience. I just figured it was me not getting the css syntax right because css hates me.

@cattailnu that's a lot of programming experience. Does it ever get boring? I'm aware it's an endless field. Still I'm wondering that for like lets ay four years from now I'll be unmotivated. That's not what it looks like to me now atleast. It fascinates me.

@raimoncoding Every programming answer begins with "it depends". It's an endless run of "find problem, investigate and solve, repeat". I really like seeing my finished projects. I really like making work easier for other people. If you lose time to it (like you do playing a video game), you'll likely enjoy it long into the future.

@cattailnu yes 👏🏼 you probably visualize more out of the words of your answer than me but, I know what you mean. And I think it’s a good feeling to help people making things simpler for them. Can’t believe I’m worrying about if I would be interested four years from now. Probably cause at the moment I really can’t do without.

@raimoncoding Well, even if you decide you don't want to program in 4 years, it's a useful skill to have that will give you the ability to automate repetitive tasks.

@cattailnu If you got the time check out the BMI calculator. I have created in the Flutter App Development for iOS and Android course by Dr. Angela Yu

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