Good morning! sqlite3:
SELECT AS tblName, AS colName,
p.type AS colType,
p.[notnull] AS colNotNull, AS colPK,
p.dflt_value AS colDefault,
IIF(INSTR(p.type,'CHAR')>0,'"',' ') AS colDelimiter, AS colDisplayTitle,
p.cid AS colSortOrder
FROM sqlite_master m
LEFT OUTER JOIN pragma_table_info(( p
ON <>
WHERE <> 'sqlite_sequence'
ORDER BY, p.cid;

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@raimoncoding That is getting the table/field definitions from sqlite3's system tables, so I can dynamically build code to create screens for the data.


That's a bit that will let me quickly build a form view (vs datasheet view) of a single record.

@raimoncoding I actually pushed it into a CREATE TABLE and then modified some data for a specialty interface.

@cattailnu Oh. I don't have enough experience with SQL to understand that.

@raimoncoding It's pretty obnoxious, even for people with experience.

@cattailnu yes I know. But that gives more joy when the results are there!

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