We were told that molten lead burned through Uncle Sam's skin. Daddy said, "Each time he plundered and destroyed, speaking cruel, heartless words, the metal would seep in and stain him." But I looked closer and studied Uncle Sam. There was also silver and gold. I asked him about it. He said, "Oh, my little bunny," speaking with his Irish lilt, "That's when I was kind, when I gave more of myself than I took. We are never just one story."

Captain Merry Horgan was in his cabin. He was silent. The battle was terrible but we were still afloat. You could see his scars. In time they would heal. But his eyes told us the truth. He was dying. We were dying. Without him we would never return home. His soul was attached to his ship, and without him, the Storm Of The Sea would go to the bottom of the ocean. And us with him. We were so far from the main routes that no one would save us. But we won the battle…


That was inspired by the stellar performance of our (Mexico) national soccer team in the world cup. "We" won the game and lost the place in the next level…=)

@cattailnu This one seems easiest out of all the prompts you've posted.

@cattailnu It is a nice image. I have to try and do one of your prompts soon. I don't know what it is, but I find it daunting.

@cattailnu The "Black Blood" had spread, incurable & deadly, he had but a few hours before it entered his brain & his descent into madness began

He was still the captain & he was damned if he would die an ignoble death

Dressed in his finest, with meticulously trimmed beard, he set the controls for the sun & cancelled all command codes, locking himself out of the computer

No one would catch this foulness from him

"WAIT" said a voice in his head, "We mean you no harm, we are in your blood"

What had once begun as a religious quest to find the Holy Grail for his king and country swiftly morphed into something darker - something evil. It ate at his soul, causing his desire for the relic to skew his vision, turning his into an obsession that eventually stole his very identity, leaving nothing but a monster in its wake.

@JasmineHulwoodsBooks Some more than others. I feel like it's 4-6 responses per image, but I daydream about showing up one morning and having thousands (way too many to respond to).

Hey, we all have our aspirations. Mine is to have thousands of readers on my blog and just as many book/journal sales. If we're going to dream, why not dream big? Right?

@JasmineHulwoodsBooks Oh yes! My books made into movies with gobs of fans and spinoffs. I don't have a blog, but I have lots of stuff.

@JasmineHulwoodsBooks Tell me about it. Gobs and gobs of to-do items that gets longer each time something is checked off.

@cattailnu @JasmineHulwoodsBooks My father advised me to sort work into 3 piles:
1. What will be done.
2. What might be done.
3. What will never be done.
It was good advice.

@JasmineHulwoodsBooks making it another day to turn the page in my minimalist bujo...

Sounds good! I'm trying super hard to write but I'm so distracted today. I can't put it off any longer though.

@JasmineHulwoodsBooks I wrote a speech for tomorrow's Toastmasters meeting that I'm pretty happy with.

That's great news! Yay you! I managed to get 1 chapter written and designed and published 3 new journal books to add to my website. I'm hoping they will start selling.

@JasmineHulwoodsBooks Fantastic! Very productive, getting all of those things done! I went to the movies this evening.

What did you see? I stayed home and watched a dumb movie that caused friction between me and my SO right before bed and I don't even remember the name of the movie. I do hope your movie had a better outcome.

@JasmineHulwoodsBooks avatar in 3d, without the 'special effects seat bumps'. My sister-in-law and I were the only ones in the theatre and... so we laughed and talked and generally commented on some rather amusing aspects of the film. I paced the back a bit and exercised about midway through. in all, a good experience. Sorry yours did not go so well. My true love declined to come along. Wasn't his thing.

I want to see the new Avatar. We've been waiting for it to come out. Glad you had a good time. I find that when we go to the movies, we're usually the only ones too. It makes me wonder how the theaters stay open these days.

@JasmineHulwoodsBooks Ours has added the "seat bump/sprays/tilts/seat speakers" and a mini-bar. I think they're trying...

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@cattailnu It was just before dawn that I went into the old, ruined hall. For so long I had moved from doorway to doorway, or from car park to ruin, in search of some place to sleep. I had been lucky to find this old, derelict house. Or so I thought.

I just could not sleep that night. The building seemed to be moving in the throws of some agonising death. Then a noise, from that hall. I expected to find some other squatter, looking for a roof.

In the darkness, I could make out nothing. The sound seemed strangely fragile. "Who's there?" I called.

Then the sunrise, illuminating a window I had not seen before. A curious, stained glass window, in a wall I could have sworn was solid. And, as the light grew stronger, the man outlined in the glass seemed to become almost three dimensional. "That's quite a work of art," I whispered.

"Yes, I am," the cold, brittle voice answered, as the head moved and gazed at me with those clear, glassy eyes.

@cattailnu The painting of Capsicum Dirigible had hung on the wall of her father’s mansion for as long as she could remember. As a child, she’d been attracted by the colours. As a teen, by his chiselled jaw and cool blue eyes. Now, as an adult, it was the story of the Last Great Buccaneer that captured her attention.

Her research had revealed that most of the myth surrounding her great uncle wasn’t true. But at its heart, where the stories became less legendary and more mundane, there sat a kernel of truth about a man named Garth and his ship, the Febrile Dance. A ship that had sailed the solar winds to Arethon and returned with a secret; a darkness buried deep in fantastical stories of black holes and aliens.

Today, as she stared at the painting one last time, she finally understood why great uncle Garth had cultivated the myth. The alternative - the truth - would break the world.

@samkrahl Yeah, some people just aren't ready to accept aliens...

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