@cattailnu UFOs arrival in 2041 at the edges of the end of human kind. Machine discovery was fast but also unnecessary by realizing nothing could be done with it. Newspapers internal articles sadly miss the point.

@iamdtms News written by AI cannot respond to current events correctly...

@cattailnu Child cluster flashed excitedly "Parent cluster, may we go in the water, pleease!"

"Control your luminance child cluster, you'll disturb other clusters.What do your other parent clusters say?"

"Said don't go out too far or we'll disunite again"

"It took ages to reunite you last time, be careful"

"OK" flashed child cluster & headed to the sea

"We're still unsure we retrieved all child clusters components" flashed another parent cluster

"Can't wrap them in birth membrane forever"

@cattailnu I didn't think it was that good, but I'll take it 🙂

@staringatclouds I liked it! That's a great human traits in non-humans. :)

@cattailnu We looked for him, across that strange shore, on the island that was not on any map. Even the light was different there. The light of an eternal dawn, reflected in a sea that was immune from tides.

We searched for all of what should have been the night and through all of what never, quite, became the day. We called, but our voices were thin in the still air, oppressed by the sense of silence.

As we came to the far end of the beach, with its luridly shadowed sand, we saw the strange glow. One of our number stepped forward, as if hypnotised, and came to his senses with a sudden start as we grabbed him. And we fled. Fled from the glow of the strange structures, and their soft. insidious music. And from the sound of the putrescent digestion of what, in the midst of their alluring light, once had been human.

The good thing about life is that it always finds a way. A way to what? You don't want to know. Take the luminous Plastiforms. Whatever they are began as plastic residuals. At the bottom of the sea. Somehow they merged with the life in the coral reefs. We have no idea how did that happen. Now, these little… creatures? are coming out of the sea and they merge themselves with anything made of plastic. And this, our modern world, is almost made entirely of plastic…

@ixtlidekami Yup. No more need for ocean cleanup. And land cleanup is coming...

Plastic recycling plants will become the new slaughter houses…=)

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