His name is Olwin, and he's High General of the Zanga Guard which are in charge of protecting Princess Amolwee. One day, the princess goes missing, causing Olwin to leave the Talrainian Hive in search of her. He follows her to a strange world called Talgassa-5 where he learns that she was sold to a Mordola miner from Malodeez who is going to force her to mine for the precious Mordola. With that in mind, Olwin flies to her rescue only to have his ticker give out before he gets there.

She finished the RePopFeed beetle at 4:32am. It sat on her wooden work bench as if it was its natural habitat. She loved the work bench almost as much as she did the beetle, the natural wood felt alive.
Staring at her newest creation she realized it held that same quality. The twinkle of the brass and the glass eyes gave the illusion of motion, of life. Considering what the little guy would have to do to save the world she hoped the illusion was true.


@KatPhoenix Oh my! Must save the world... will it come alive or will it just help by existence?

It is a repopulation Agricultural assistant Beetle. The crops failed, the weather and polluiton killed off the bees/beetles/insects needed to pollinate. So now...
She's designed and created RePopFeed in order to do what a hundred species was meant to do, specifically seed forced growth clone flowering food trees, pollinate polyculture small scale ag, and Beekeeping duties (to repopulate several species that have been decimated but not eradicated).

@KatPhoenix We are going to miss our honeybees when they are finally gone due to pesticides. It'll be too late then. I've been hoarding honey.

That seems to be the motto of our current age, "It'll Be Too Late Then."

The Fly. And authentic work of art. And science. A mechanical marvel and an engineering miracle. A true artificial life form. Made in the 19th century by unknown masters of their crafts, presented as a gift to her Highness Catalina, Princess of Ylper, this being became her best friend. It was there when she meet her future husband, when she married. And when she died. It still remember everything. And it could be yours tonight. The base price is 30 millions…

@ixtlidekami It would take a lifetime to consume the memories and watch them.

Luckily the princess died young, so it would not take your entire life. Did a hear 50 millions?

@cattailnu The door burst inwards without warning & the metal beetle marched in pinning the first it found to the wall

It made whirring noises as a ruby laser scanned the face of it's hapless victim

Unsatisfied the beetle threw them to one side & turned to the rest of the room

Selecting prey randomly the machine repeated it's violent activity until finally, it found it's intended target

A panel opened, a box slammed into their chest & the beetle departed

"Fuck these delivery drones" he said

@staringatclouds we all like the dedication of the delivery drones...

@cattailnu Determined little buggers, wait until they make a process server or bounty hunter variant

Let me introduce myself, I am one of the inhabitants of the Gare Montparnasse in Paris. We live in the abandoned part of the station, where we have set up a rather cozy shelter. Here everything is mechanical, people like me, animals and even insects; it's our little world of automatons.

#scifi #microfiction

@vihio But do they have hearts and feelings and compassion and bravery? Love the additional art!

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