Whee... now I have a nice new ubuntu vm with mysql... just so I could help someone with his install...

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@cattailnu Mint on anything with the system resources, Bodhi on anything too old and underpowered for Mint. Haven't bought myself new hardware in c.15 years, and the head scratching when something doesn't work is quite good fun...

@sj_ashcroft2 I think his was an install issue. We did a full sweep reinstall and got it working.

@cattailnu I find the installation varies with the hardware. My ancient Acer mini laptop, never a problem. The slightly more up to date Lenovo that my wife uses reduces me to swearing every time...

@sj_ashcroft2 Could have been. Might have skipped something, or maybe a patch didn't download correctly (he did have some internet issues). In any case, he's got that part working.

@cattailnu When Win7 went out of support I looked around for alternatives & settled on #Zorin, it's a Ubuntu fork

I added Apache, PHP & MySQL & used it for web development for years

I've had no issues with the move, I get regular updates, it even plays the games I like

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