@cattailnu The air drapes thick tonight while the watchman lights candles in the hall. I watch as he works. I muse that I might love him. It matters not that he is doomed to these corridors; I am doomed with him. For nights, I have not slept, and I brim with such drowsiness that the insects sound like poetry. I begin to nod as I smile at this dutiful ghost.
I awake to cold, and I see the handsome man speak to a familiar figure. “You,” he chokes, “told me the matron had moved.”

@cattailnu this turned into a Victorian ghost story not exactly SFF but I was thinking temporal shifts and now I’m very tempted to flesh this out. Thanks for inspiring me to write!

@oriole All genres welcome. I have tags for everything I could have thought of.

—What a beuatiful night. The twinkling stars look magical. And look at the moon. I've never seen the moon that brilliant. And big!
—The moon? What moon? There's no moon tonight.
—I see the moon. Take a look.
—That light in the sky is NOT the moon. We're on new moon day. I don't know what is that but it. Is. Not. The. Moon.
—You're kidding.
—No. Come on. Let's go to see the prof.

They went and awakened Prof. Fykati. She was not amused. She looked at the sky. And cried…

Everyone were gone a few minutes later. What we don't know is where the hell that death ray came from. And why…=)

@staringatclouds @cattailnu
It may be. Or the empire (Palpatine's or Kuvira's) could be testing their death rays…=)

Did we tell them to NOT check the galactic government's local ordinances? No. It's their fault then…=)

And the galactic government will build a nice mall where the moon is/was now…=)

@ixtlidekami Sounds like a good use of space... Fixes that pesky tide problem too.

Better that the useless rock they have there now. It's not even made of cheese! =(

@ixtlidekami Well, lactose intolerant here, but... maybe it could have been made from vegan white chocolate?

Don't worry. I'm not lactose intolerant so I'll eat that cheese. And of course it can be of vegan white chocolate. I promise I won't touch it because I'll be occupied eating all the not-vegan chocolate…=)

#DigitalArt #WritingPrompt #fantasy

The Majal stood waiting as the ages passed unremarked by its vanished Fae. Its still Portal pools disturbed only by the ephemeral breeze. The Dancing light within a ghostly will o’ wisp to any that would see it from among the overgrown Garden. The Moons light, like the Sun before it, lonely in its solitary gaze upon all the quiet breath held emptiness.

@cattailnu The hotel gardens were beautiful by day & a scent filled luminous wonderland by night

What was strange was there were no guests to appreciate this beauty

Beckah had decided to change that when she checked in

By morning she was gone, her bag remained unpacked, she seemed to have gone to her room & vanished

The following night a new patch of evening primrose added it's wonder to the garden

@cattailnu I am sure I heard it. The sound of lutes and pipes. The laughter, the footsteps of dancers. I even saw the liquid light from the cloistered enclosure, flickering with the twisting, sensuous shadows of revellers in the hot, tropical night.

But that was when the clouds covered the moon, and the smell of the flowers hung heavy on my conscience.

The clouds have parted, and the moon casts its cold gaze of ancient, pitiless hatred upon a scene of ruin. The walls are crumbling, the stones overgrown. The beauty of death is upon the water. Yet still that strange light from lamps that have long since turned to ash, and the sound of long silent tongues comes to me, across the ages.
@cattailnu In fact, I do not believe I have said anything that suggests it is not still beautiful. Beauty and horror may be uneasy together, but I think they are not mutually exclusive. Which is quite horrific...
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