@cattailnu The old space ship graveyard on the moon was the last hope they would ever leave this planet. Generations of attempts to leave filled the skies with smoke, you could barely breathe without a mask. Perched atop the abandoned villages, you could just see the concrete city spires in the distance being swallowed by the sands. She hadn't seen anything alive for weeks. Her water barrel was running low. But she had to reach the well, somewhere in this undead village #writing #MicroFiction

@MaxDamage She's geared for the recon into the village...

@cattailnu She was in her element, perfectly in tune with her environment, effortlessly leaping from rooftop to rooftop

This was parkour at it's finest

It was just her dancing on the breeze swooping, swiftly, silently, stealthily, slipping across the city like a ghost

She checked the time as she approached her target, she had minutes to spare, there could be no complaints this time

She opened a window on an upper floor & announced herself to the lone occupant "Sushi delivery!"

The gold of the sunrise over Kucha would soon turn red with the dust of the approaching army.
Most of the people had fled, guided by the regular Tochari army, into the hills, southwards.
Only the Queen's Tachma were left, scattered over rooftops after a night embroiled in snares and explosive spikes.
She waited, tranquil in the face of the bloody days & nights ahead.

@DaRC_Fantom yeah, some people drink before a battle, and some people sleep, and some just feel their zen...

@cattailnu Mark of the Ninja Girl
One of my fav PC game from the 2000s. The story has a special ending, especially affects me. That's the short story. DM in private for details if interested. :)

Atop the highest tower in the city, the Guardian watched everything. No evil deed would go unpunished as long as she was there. Her sword, Masamune no namida, had tasted the blood of countless enemies. All dead. All dead and gone. But evil never rests. "Neither do I", she said to herself every day. He father, the previous guardian would be proud. She'll honor him. Forever…

—Yes! This cosplay rocks! I'll win the contest!

At the golden hour of the waning day, Shinobi assassin, Yuma, perched on the rooftop contemplating her next kill. Many had died by her hand and they all deserved their dishonorable deaths. Her next target made her pause. They were an innocent and therefore incongruous for her brand of justice. If Yuma refused the kill she forfeited her own life. Would it be a balanced and honorable trade?
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They said girls couldn't be ninja, so she became the greatest ninja that ever lived. They thought a little girl was not worth the effort to track down when they'd burned her village to the ground. They'd soon understand how wrong they were on both accounts.

From her perch on the rooftop, she could plainly see the devastation that she and her Searing Scimitar had wreaked upon the moon. But her gaze was not on the moon, but on the city below her. She was not of the Moon or of the Earth, but she had business with both—and her business was vengeance.

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@cattailnu I watch. From this rooftop, sometimes. Or from some tower or temple. It makes no odds. I watch.

Below me, many scurry about in their daily business. Others loiter, or talk aimlessly. Occasionally one of them looks up and sees. And, on seeing me, they lower their gaze and hurry away. They fear me, these people, even though they call me The Protectress. But they are right to fear, for they know not my true identity.

I am Vengeance. And I wait.

@cattailnu From her perch on the windy warehouse roof, Ptach'ka, watched the western gate and square. If the attack came, it would be at dusk when the prince's hunting party was due to return. Patiently, her skilled gaze focused on individuals in the square, looking for telltale signs of rebels from the southern kingdom. A sudden cry from a circling hawk did not distract her, although she noticed several apprehensive glances upward in the square. Her targets were marked, and already dead.

@gnarlygeek I do wonder what "telltale signs of rebels" looks like. :)

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