@cattailnu Science had solved the equations for time travel decades ago

However implementing them had proven elusive until today

Probes sent through transmitted reassuring data & were retrieved successfully

However the wormhole they created didn't link to another time in this universe but to a different universe each time it was used

Some were quite bizarre as the first team of observers found to their cost

The Feltverse didn't have the same physics as home, they were stuck

@staringatclouds I suppose that would be a pretty place to be stuck until dinner time.

@cattailnu They had a device to keep the wormhole open for return

They jokingly referred to this as the ball of twine, like the one from the tale of Theseus & the Minotaur

Sadly their joke name was a little too prophetic when they hit the Feltverse as it became a literal ball of twine

As soon as they landed the wormhole became untethered & skipped to a different universe

The twine is useful for repairs though


Fee was a viking
who wanted to sail
across the sea
on a sailing spree -
But she didn't have a boat.

So she asked a friend
to make her one
Something grand
to take her to another land -
Soon she'd have that boat

Her friend
didn't have the wood,
so made it out of felt
and sent it to where Fee dwelt -
So now she had the boat

She set sail at high tide
Across the choppy sea
A storm was raging
very fierce and long
and now Fee's boat was - Gone!

#Writing #Poetry #WritingPrompt

Cathy was ready for the adventure. She would seek adventure, but most of all, treasure. Her friends had more experience but she had something they didn't. She had THE map. She found it in a mysterious place, hidden from everyone's sight. How did she found that place? That's her secret. She knew the safest ports and the routes. Her friends would do the rest.

—Ok, guys. Let's do it. This is the first IP…


The Walls of Fire on the sea? Yeah. Those are awful! =)

(and real… ok, maybe not a wall in the true sense but my country's current administration is so brilliant that they managed to set the sea on fire 2 years ago)


@ixtlidekami I just did a fire-tornado the other day for friends. It's in the list to show up on Feb 4 as a writing prompt. :)

Don't let my country's president know that. He could try to do that too…=-|

On the other hand, I have an idea for a story with just that description…=)

@ixtlidekami I won't tell anyone!!! It's a secret between us and everyone on the internet...

Excellent. That dope have no idea that internet exists…=)

And no one on the internet knows about mastodon…=)

🎶Yo ho! Yo ho! A pirates life for me.🎶 sang the needle felt crew.
“Maaannn overboard!”
“Quit screwing around, Petey, and get on board. It’s time to set sail across the Polliwog Sea. Adventure awaits!”
#microfiction #silly #flashfiction #writing #writingcommunity #prompt #writersofmastodon #mastowriters #indiewriter

@cattailnu Dear old Leonardo. A genius of any time, let alone the age in which he lived. The first person to ask...

"I wonder what would happen if I opened a hole into some other, strange universe, where everything was oddly different?"

It is said he was on board a ship at the time...

@cattailnu Tialf positioned her favorite pirate ship, hand made for her by her mother, on the blanket and formed a roiling sea. The mutinous crew threw the captain overboard, but they forgot she ship was marooned at low tide in the shallows. It was a very unsatisfactory situation. The captain slowly walked back to the ship. She could wait until the crew grew too hungry and tired to keep watch. They would also soon realize that she was also the best cook.
"Talif, time for dinner".
"Ok mom!"

@cattailnu The sea was arctic, the winds blew over the roaring of Robert's parents. He felt Olaf must board or be lost. Once on board, Olaf could calm the chickens, assure his first mate, the friendly Kraken, batten down the hatches. It would be rough, maybe life-threatening, but they would lash themselves to the mast as a last resort. There was breaking glass downstairs. "Come on, Olaf!" Robert said, and helped the captain aboard, turning off the light so it was night.

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