@cattailnu One thing they don't tell you about sentient ships, is where they get the sentience

It's always assumed that if a machine, such as a starship, is sentient, then it's some form of AI

However as with Suln & Freyk's ship this isn't always the case

Suln was dying & rather than be parted, Freyk agreed to upload Sulns mind into the ship

This worked well, except Suln always wanted to revisit their honeymoon destinations instead of working

It's hard to argue with a starship in love

@cattailnu Thank you for upgrading my Uber service.
And, no, I'm not edible. Why do you ask?

—So, that's the legendary Sonitak.
—What else could it be, sir.
—Ok. Is it functional?
—I don't think so, sir. It looks like scrap.
—Well, you'll have a chance to check that.
—Yes, sir.

The soldier wasn't sure it was safe. It's tech could have been more advanced that they had now but being 80 years below a waterfall should have damaged it beyond repair. They were trying to escape from this paradise-looking planet but that ship wasn't what would enable them to do it…


@ixtlidekami but at least someone might have packed some good movies to watch to pass the time...

Yes but those were on betamax tapes. And the survivors of the second crash only had super8…=)

@cattailnu He looked up, uncomprehending. What was that strange aircraft doing? It seemed to be collecting the river as it cascaded over the cliff.

On board, the captain of what was, actually, a remarkably low-tech ship that had slipped through the dimensions from a more conventional earth, was grateful for the chance to refuel. This was Benzos, in the local language, he had learned. And the rivers were free-flowing rocket fuel...

@cattailnu The Halcyon Dawn hung exactly where Larkin had said it would be: tangled in the roots of a Chlorofall.

Doval made his way towards the two priests camping by the glowing pool below it.

"You seek the oracle?" the larger of the two priests called from a distance as he approached.

"I need to speak to the cruiser's battle AI, sure," he replied.

"Heresy!" The second screamed. "You malign the voice of god."

"Gimme a break!" Doval growled and reached for his gun.

@samkrahl Muhahahaha!!! Heresy!!! Hey, ChatGPT, tell me the meaning of life or the best way to defeat the Vodkifal, whichever is more interesting.

@cattailnu Not entirely sure what Vodkifal is? And I don’t know whether to feel offended or pleased that I write like ChatGPT 🤔. But the meaning of life is easy: “Be excellent to each other!”

@samkrahl It's what I would ask the cruiser's battle AI. vodkifal is... made up word from: DoVAl LarKI ChloroFAL ... (I was lacking creativity on names, as usual)., And sorry: I was NOT saying you write like chatGPT, I was suggesting that the battleAI was chatGPT. And that is definitely the meaning of life.

@cattailnu ohhhh 😊 I completely misunderstood what your response meant 😅 Thank you for clarifying 🙏

@samkrahl Yeah... now I have added, "make sure that is clearer in the future", to my quick-proofs. Didn't even realize my response could be interpreted as you did, but reading over it, yup. I can see that. :)

@cattailnu I think also I’m still used to folks’ behaviour on Twitter. Mastodon is an altogether kinder and less sarcastic space and I’m learning to trust that 🥰

@samkrahl What would the guy ask the battle AI anyway... I'm sure whatever it is would make those priests roll over in their new graves...

“Stop!” The disembodied voice was clear even above the din of the Chlorofall.

The priests cowered, turning toward the cruiser and whispering what Doval assumed to be prayers under their breaths.

“Identify.” The voice rang out again.

“Doval. Lieutenant. Alan P. Corps Identifier 3262419. Clearance Omega. Shadow Ops Division.” Doval waited, wondering when was the last time the cruiser had been able to update its Corps manifest.

“Doval. Ensign. Confirm rank upgrade.”

“Confirmed. Authorisation 0012-Blackwood-alpha-99.”


A beam of light burst forth from the cruiser’s prow and hit Doval directly in his chest. As the transmat beam converted his molecules into a data stream of energy, the priests threw themselves into hysterics convulsions.

“The prophet,” they wailed, over and over. “The Prophet is come!”


T'q'gooh stood within the virtual space, admiring xis work. Yes, there were some issues with perspective and light (not to mention that the spaceship xe had imitated couldn't hover like that in atmosphere) but on the whole it was still really evocative of a place, a time, a mood. The hours spent viewing those ancient "Bob Ross videos", despite their impossibly crude blurry 2d form, was clearly starting to pay off. "Happy accidents", finger-signed T'q'gooh to ximself, before closing and storing the space in xis portfolio.

@cattailnu Fynlib stood there in disbelief staring at the bizarre scene of a sentient starship floating in a waterfall. The coordinates had brought him into this box canyon to the ancient ship. Pulling out a multispectral analyzer, the mystery was compounded - the system was still aware and pinging. He sent a status command not knowing if this ship brain could comprehend. In response, there was only this - "For 3000 years I have waited for another sentient to free me from this stasis. Come."

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