The flower cried out: Oh My priestesses!

Duly you perform the blood rite, and I take in the offered memories to keep them down the centuries.

That ceremony you remember. But you have forgotten the rest. The counting of My branches you have forsaken.

Oh, My unseeing daughters. You do not know the meaning in these petals. And how can I teach you? You hear Me not.

What's that, child? You study the alternation of My leaflets? Ah, this language, let me speak it to you. Now, listen.

@cattailnu "Finally", Chila murmured.
"Two weeks in this jungle for some glowing flowers?", Porf replied, too loudly.
"Again Porf, keep your voice down. Predators in this jungle use the glow of the vines to pounce on prey.", she whispered.
"Just great, Chila. I'm gonna die for some flowers?", Porf retorted.
"We're not here to take them but to ask permission to take a sample of the sacred waters that are the source of their intelligence.", Chila said, turning to him. His face was incredulous.

@gnarlygeek Shhhh... the source of power in that water is... the glowing plants...


Maua ya SiriYake
The Flowers of Her Secret grew in the very center of the Jungle. Along a hidden spring within the Winsome Cave. Known only by the Women who had completed the Ritual of Woman Blooming. It passed the ages quietly.


Once every thousand years or so one would come for the ritual who was early or late. The Flowers would release their sweet scent lulling the incomplete one and her visage would be sent through the pool to the other Flowers. These Dedicated Ones would be blessed with a Dreaming and a Heart and would never know loneliness nor suffering and their aged bodies would be returned for planting in the Multiverse at their end.


@KatPhoenix I wonder at the cost of never knowing loneliness or suffering...

@cattailnu Then there's the fact that if you are Blessed by "gods" with Dreaming that means you are never alone and no human ever will understand. Blessed with Heart and no suffering means You Love and Love and Love and are Loved by the Gods but... perhaps not truly loved by other humans. These people are Dedicated to something other than mere humanity. They can never truly belong to anyone nor any place.

@cattailnu Come, take my tiny hand and let me lead you into the red garden of beauty where eternal youth is found. Bathe in the blue elixir of cascading water - to keep you young. Once you pass into this colourful garden, there will be no return to your old life. Welcome to paradise. Live the dream. Soak up the atmosphere. Never look back and become a pillar of sslt #fantasy #fiction #tuesday

@Wendiihouse cried the mermaid to the sailor... come with me... :)

A long time ago, a flower shined through the darkness of the night. If there had be somebody to see that, they would have been awed. Not every day that happens. Alas, no one saw that. There hasn't been a living person in the planet for centuries. And that is thanks to the very reason this flower shined. Radiation. And not from the dreaded nuclear war that would kill everything. No. It wasn't the sun, either. It was the nuclear generators made to get clean energy…

Luli scrambled over the mossy rocks inside the Grotto of Mist. A faint red glow guided her to where the crimson dream flower grew. She ran her fingers over the silky petals, checking to make sure the plant was healthy and thriving. If the precious bloom ever withered away it would mean the end of passion and aspirations, ushering in a era of endless nightmares.
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@lastinnett Oh dear. I definitely should not be *that* gardener/caretaker... my stuff is "survival of the fittest".

@cattailnu Gather to me young shoots, let me tell you of the before time

When there were rootless ones who roamed & fed, not only on the rooted but the rootless also, such was their greed

Arrogant were they, seeking to bend the land to their will with their toxins

But we adapted, we learned to thrive on their poisons, where they could not

This water that gives us life, made the rootless sick

They could no longer feed on the rooted

They fed on each other until none were left

Remember them

@cattailnu Stop and listen.

Yes, they are beautiful, these alien blooms. These red plants from a planet of war. Beautiful and deadly, if you come within a thorn's cast of them.

But do not just watch. Listen.

The beauty of the song of the cannibal flowers will enchant you.
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