@cattailnu Finally discovering where Airwolf was hidden, Stingfellow Hawk prepares to make his move.

The not so little scorpion saw what he thought would be his dinner. A lizard. Small and tasty. It would be easy. It was alone and scared, but not for long. He was hungry. This drought had been too long. Then, from nowhere, another lizard was over the scorpion. It was fast. He was able to escape, but not without losing his tail. It would grow again. But it scared him. He somehow knew that that lizard was the first of the new rulers of their world…

He isn't so little. He's a permian scorpion so he must be, at least, 50 cm long…=)

@ixtlidekami Little is relative... you know, compared to Jupiter, he's really pretty small, and poor little Jupiter really is tiny compared to TrES-4b.

And TrES-4b is *LESS* than nothing next to some people's ego…=)

I approve it. I wish I could be the same but, alas, the damn mail and file unix server I had to maintain 23 years ago left me without ego, self-esteem, dignity, and the will to live…=)


Imagine this H0RЯ0R: an HP god_knows_what_model server from 1997, a SCO UNIX from 1996, a defective power supply, and an unstable electrical installation.

Working with that server was a punishment. The area manager didn't liked me. His mails were always lost as a "thank you" from me…>=)

Deleting his mails? Yes. It was fun. No. It was |=U|\|…>=)

Working with that $%&#$&@#!!! server? It was hell. For some reason we (I) had to reinstall everything from scratch 2 times or more every week. It only could work with the factory installed hard drives and there was no $$$ in the budget to replace the power supply, that was the source of every problem that thing had. And we (I) certainly would not pay for it myself…=-|

@ixtlidekami Yeah - that would be really annoying. Needed a presentation to boss on labor costs vs hardware costs.

That boss once said to his bosses that we, the 5 person IT Team (3 which were banned from every other area of the "company", a government entity, to go there so there were really just 2 of us) would do a full rewiring of the entire network (8000 pcs, in buildings spread all around the city) in a week. In a week we weren't unable to rewire the pcs of our floor side (50 pcs) because union laws…=-|

Our boss wasn't very brilliant…>=)

@ixtlidekami Sounds like a real winner. Sales and marketing, not reality. Sorry you had to deal with that.

No. He was a lousy salesman too. He failed to sell his bosses the idea that he was a real engineer and was fired a few months later. But I was stuck with tending that damned server for 2 years more.

The secret was knowing the right point to hit it so it would boot again…>=)

"Never buy a device that can't be fixed without violence" is one of my philosophies…=)

@cattailnu July 16, 1945, at 5:29:45 a.m.

They called it Trinity

Part of the Manhattan project

They created a small town, populated it with mannequins, furnished it, provisioned it as a slice of small town America

Then they detonated the first nuclear weapon & destroyed it

They'd set up sensors & cameras to record in detail everything that happened

But they didn't check what the radiation did to the flora & fauna

The first of the megacentruroides would reveal that error

@cattailnu Somewhere in the depths of its consciousness, a memory stirred. A memory of impossibly cool days that, somehow, were enjoyable. Of strange, straight, smooth and glistening pillars of... of what? Rock? The only thing it knew with which to compare the image. A memory of lights that blotted out the freezing hell of the desert nights, hiding the stars and the moon

It remembered, somehow, that far off time when the ugly, two legged monsters devoured the earth. Before their doom came.

It remembered, somehow, its far off ancestors. The beings it once was, before it became a scorpion type creature, basking in the delicious heat of the ageing sun

@sj_ashcroft2 I'm seeing a trend of doom with this image... the sun heat is nice!

@sj_ashcroft2 No difference, but might put those into lyrics...

@cattailnu Scorpion: It's hotter than july.
Stevie: Already taken.
Scorpion: What about some changing of the wind.
Stevie: Wind of change?
Scorpion: Let's make it plural.
Stevie: You and me?
Scorpion: No, me and my lobsters, following the Moskva down to Gorky Park.
Stevie: Too much sun blinded me and melt your brain.
End of scene with Scorpion going west, whistling, while Stevie, a mirage, fades away.

@cattailnu Hek'tanl paused in early dawn light to wait for Chul'flyx, emptying their boot of sand. They were halfway to the mount and the "portal of prophesy". The giant scorpion basking in the dawn light was no danger to them. It was a harbinger. Rumors and legends told of larger beasts but it mattered not. Their quest consumed them.
"Right, I'm ready.", announced Chul'flyx.
Hek'tanl turned, "I'd say we have at least one cycle before we reach the mount."
Both turned an stared over the desert.

@gnarlygeek Yeah, who needs to pay attention to harbingers...

@cattailnu I really wanted to write something with a western vibe but it keeps coming out fantasy/scifi - it's a curse! 🤣

@gnarlygeek Muhahahaha!!! The stories will leap out of your head how they want not how you want...

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