@cattailnu interesting that now sort of must state "not Ai", I'm not a digital artist, only deal with real paint, but must drive them crazy, to have entire world knocked out from under them

@mbs I'm encouraging ALL artists to add "Created by a Real Person. Not AI." to their work. The average consumer isn't going to know the difference, and the market is going to be flooded, particularly at upcoming craft shows this spring/summer. If you do NOT have a huge sign saying that, customers are going to be lost in the price-shift.

Love it. The washed rainbow gives it more feeling…=)

@ixtlidekami The rainbow was actually coming through the window/prism there and I said, "oh! That's pretty! I should paint that in!"

Wise decision. This painting has been added to my wallpaper collection. And it has given me a few ideas…=)

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