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I would like to make others feel better.

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This Coral Nymph Sage (Salvia Coccinea) is also called Hummingbird Sage - look at the shape of these flowers and you know why 🤠 Must've self-seeded in our garden, apparently it originates from the Americas. It is considered an invasive weed in Queensland!

#photography #Nature #NaturePhotography #flowers #sage #hummingbird #SalviaCoccinea #plants #PlantsOfTheFediverse #nikon #dslr #CloseUp #Australia #queensland #SunshineCoast

When I got tired of social media antics, I crawled back into the sea to begin life anew...

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@raggi @simon I'm usually up between 3-5a. 8p is a good bedtime. :)

@simon I feel your pain. We have quite a few different sensors, and they give a low-battery beep every 15-30 minutes randomly, so it's near impossible to figure out which one it is to replace its battery. And it *always* starts around 8pm.

@tanner You put a lot of work into your website - good job! AND (You have a lot of interesting information that could be better displayed, though. OR: You have an interesting layout but I wish there were more useful content. I didn't really find what I was looking for.) AND What can I do to help you improve it?

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@Melysse Awesome! FB keeps suggesting new friends, so I keep requesting people who look interesting that I might want to meet. I've discovered fabulous people that way. Hello!!!!

The winter was cold and written in passive voice, but Monsieur Timéo could imagine a world where magical light created heat and carried people to the moon. He told people about his world in stories over bubbling bowls of mutton stew. Those that listened were entertained and learned to dream too. They called Monsieur Timéo the first science fiction author. One day, the world would catch up to his ideas and humans would go to the moon, as we will catch up to our stories one day...

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#art to start 🎨
...pedaling along, singing a song

'Girl Bike Ride Black Cat Pet Animal Italian Cypress Trees Landscape High Wheeler Clouds' by Debi Hubbs
#painting #watercolor #texture #caturday

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Let’s start from the beginning…
Before man walked this earth the birds had a contest to decide how would be king. The eagle soared high above the rest, declaring he was king! Then a small, small bird flew up from its hiding in the eagles feathers and shouted: “No! I am king!”
The small bird won, getting the name Kungsfågel - Kings bird (goldcrest in English). And since then it carries a crown on its head. 👑 #folklorethursday

Some working code using Electronjs... Wheee? Today was "make some round-trip data editing screens".

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