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Do story ideas ever appear while you’re chatting with someone about something totally unrelated?

When that happens to me, my brain splits apart: half trying to be civil, the other half trying not forget my idea before I can make my escape.

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Sometimes I ignored the people passing by. I was part of the darbuka music, feeling it flow through me, enjoying the way my body obeyed my commands. Belly dancing was harder than it looked. The different Figure Eights, the Maya Hips, shimmies. If I did them right, people would just feel the undulations, curving patterns, lifts, and thrusts. Sometimes I watched the people as I danced, studying their responses and playing to their desires. I couldn't tell you which way felt more powerful...

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A suitable bride... (several novels listed on amazon have that in their title).

I found my kitten sleeping like this today. She looks like she was drawn by AI.

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QC? Documentation? We don't have time for that because we used that time for iterative development where you kept changing requirements.

My thoughts on the future of AI programming: #1 - how many of your customers have accurately described their correct requirements without your input. #2 - how many times have you been asked to fix someone's "oh look, I made my own website using [this CMS]" because it doesn't do what they needed it to do?

Regex is functioning. Code is functioning. All issues on this repo are fixed. I guess tomorrow I figure out how to deploy a new version.

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Well, nuts. I need a complex regex. I am so not awake enough to figure this out tonight. :P

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