A quick doodle to describe my feeling on recent situation of #Twitter and that Musk guy (which is also posted on my twitter profile).

I believe it's passable because it didn't say you can't include any link *in a picture* 🤭


I would like to do a #survey just out of curiosity... How many #Mastodon accounts you currently have? 🤔

At now I have 4 in different servers, each for different purposes. The fifth is still waiting for approval. 😂

It would be great if you could help me to spread it! Thanks!

One of the cool things with #Mastodon is filtering out posts if a certain thing is starting to bother you - my timeline is filled with stuff about some guy called #elon, who apparently brought some centralised social media platform called #twitter or something... (Heck I know a lot of people are upset, but that's capitalism for you.)

Either way I can hide it all with Mastodon. Here's how using the web interface -> Preferences -> Filters -> Add new filter.

#mastodontips #Fediverse

#Mastodon has an #algorithm

It is NOT true that #Twitter has an algorithm — but Mastodon doesn't. That is untrue.

Mastodon just has a different algorithm.

Mastodon is software — ALL SOFTWARE HAVE ALGORITHMS.

Mastodon just has a different algorithm. A simpler algorithm.

Mastodon's algorithm is — to display the posts of the people and hash-tags you follow, in the order they are posted, with newest posts being displayed first, and oldest last.

Just saw this and I think it is the most striking definition for people who defend AI arts aren't theft and spoiling creative community.

And my point is, if you make arts with AI it doesn't make you an artist. Arts have to create, practice and conceptualize by you own hands and mind.

Perhaps AI can be useful to visualize your idea, but if it REPLACES you in creation process and what you do is just tapping keywords, no, it's EVER. NOT. YOUR. ART.


My name is Walter, I'm a / designer working at MZYME (mzyme.xyz/), a web3 LBS startup based in Taipei. I studied in 🇦🇺 where's still my favourite country. Wish I can go back someday.

I like reading, writing, drawing, RPG, coffee, tea, cooking, Bauhaus and Scandinavian design.

I mainly work on (sadly acquired by Adobe) and . I'm also a long year user and my website cielazure.org/ is built on it.

Nice to meet you all!

Hello! I'm new here, nice to meet you all!

I'm Francesca and I'm an Italian #artist currently based in London, UK.

My work is mostly #digital, painted with Corel Painter. I love #fantasy and #SciFi novels, and I love painting fantasy and sci-fi art. Recently, I paint a lot of #portraits in #oils too.

Apart from books and art, my main passions are live music and theatre and that's why I love London!

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #Dune #digitalpainting #fantasyart #illustration #nijiart

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