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Hi! I'm Corrie, aka corriespondent around the intranets! I'm currently an accidental developer with a background as a math major and career in graphic design, web design/ui/ux, and frontend web development. I'm also a mom of 3 boys, an avid reader, a sometimes-backpacker, a recovering over-poster on Instagram, and do periodic artistic things in or in real life. Oh, and I'm a published author, too (feels like a lifetime ago).

The middle boy asked for another lesson. He took our Christmas Eve photo, took a photo of our , and used his newfound masking skills to put her into the photo. I then showed him how to use adjustment layers, clipped to the dog layer, to tweak the levels and color. The first slide is the final photo and the rest show the process.

My 12-year-old wanted to learn . I dug out my “author of The Photoshop Anthlogy” credentials and taught him a very important skill: How to Photoshop his big brother’s head onto the neck of an emu. (Move tool, transform, make smart object, mask, opacity, brush tool, content aware fill, duplicate layer, layer opacity, and vector vs raster images were some of the key concepts in this initial lesson.)

Photos on tonight’s walk - first one taken with normal phone camera, second one taken through Instagram’s stories.

me: pls help I'm in trouble with the law

friend: which one

me, whose life is all chaos and entropy: thermodynamics

Sometimes you get a #sunset that just keeps giving. Tonight’s ended up being one of the most colourful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

This is the Salish Sea in Victoria, BC, (Canada) looking toward Port Angeles, Washington.

#photography #nature #colour #ocean #pacific #pnw #bc

OK, language weirdness question.

Someone recently said:

"I just about caught the train."

Did they catch it or not? Perhaps it depends whether you think of English as (one of) your first language(s).

As always, if you're happy to do so I'd be grateful if you'd boost for reach, and to get beyond my circle of followers.

Thank you!

Today’s brush experiment - new-to-me brushes included Dove Lake, Sable, and Rainforest

@corriespondent What do you think?

Middle boy last night: “what do Bri’ish people call chocolate chip cookies?”
Husband: “you don’t have to say the word ‘British’ in a British accent.”
Middle boy: “I can’t help it! Anyway, what do they call them? Cocoa crisp biscuits?”
Me: I… see what you’re getting at.

My husband works as a preschool teacher and comes home with the best stories that I turn into comics. The latest: B is for Best preschool moment on Instagram —

me: *screaming into the abyss"

the abyss: this could have been an email


Wordle 572 2/6


Apologies to my neighbors in our 5 mile radius as I was shouting at my iPhone while on Facetime with my slightly deaf mother trying to help her get out of recovery mode on her Mac.

@sympmarc Happy Monday! I'm trying to limit search v4 scope to a hub site (and eventually try a hub-of-hubs site) and saw a github post from you related to hubs/search v4 from 2021 ( Have there been any blog posts or clearer docs since then that you know of?

It’s been a while since I’ve done some just for fun — ostensibly this is to start getting familiar with more brushes that I haven’t gotten around to trying (Larapuna and Aurora).

I grew up only listening to classical music and watched live operas in fourth and fifth grade at the Chicago Met Opera (my parents had matinee season tickets). The Magic Flute was one of my favorites because of the humor and because it had a happy ending, so here’s a scene from it.

The cat loves sitting on my husband’s chest. Quality book cover to stare at, as well.

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