My new Mastodon app ‘Mammoth’ is now ready to beta test.

If you’ve found that all the Mastodon apps out there currently haven’t been great, you’re in luck. 😏

I love the attention to detail on the screw covering the M.2 port — so cool 😎

I decided to finally bite the bullet and upgrade my PS5 with some more storage.

I remember when 2TB looked much bigger than this!

🇳🇿As an I’m Seth, a New Zealander living and working in London 🇬🇧.

🌐 I’m a by day working with and . I’m interested in tech in general, tinkering with 🦅, exploring 🧃and hacking with ⚡️.

👋 Hi all, Mastodon has been something I’ve wanted to try for a few years but never made the leap. Now that so many of my favourite people in tech are onboard, it’s a much better experience. 🚀

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