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I live in Budapest, Hungary with my partner and my little son. I'm working as an IT guy with a strong web-press and agancy history. I like music, I played violin when I was a child. I'm half in design, half in technology. I strictly follow this way since my university studies. I'm pretty good in English, I was working for a multinational company & a startup. I'm shy in person. That's it in short.

But still 64GB enough for 'power users':
Google's ageless Pixel 6 is on sale at a new all-time low price with 256GB storage

10 powerful ways to use CSS variables

1. tokens
2. house props
3. adaptive props
4. pseudo-private props
5. partial props
6. mixin props
7. swappy props
8. style query props
9. meta lang props
10. typed props.

Oh my! Read all about em here

Twitter may have lost over 80% of the 7,500 employees it had before Elon Musk took over the company at the end of October. However, Musk claim there's still 2,300 active employees at the company.

I'm starting to get used to Mastodon.
Does anyone feel offended yet?
cc: @anatudor

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