A következő megálló: Mészáros Lőrinc utca.

Really enjoying #EveryLayout by @heydon and @andy.

If you're into #CSS, or do any kind of web dev stuff, you should probably buy this eBook.

Need to start getting rid of all those media queries from my CSS now! 😃


One thing that’s a bit of a hassle with Mastodon is that you can’t immediately follow people on other instances.

You have to copy the username and search for it on the server that has your account.

To make this easier, I’ve created a little bookmarklet. Press it, and you’ll be taken to the same account as viewed from the masto host you are on.

GitHub Gist: gist.github.com/bramus/d8bce55

(Change the value of `MY_MASTO_HOST` in the code to your mastodon host –not URL– and you’re good to go)

Today's fav selector still:

.user :not(:has(figure + p)) {
margin-inline-start: 0;

Hello @pinafore
It would be great to have a with both / variant at the same: web.dev/prefers-color-scheme/
I'm happy to help if needed. cc: @tomayac

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