The need for torrent sites is now gone, don't you think?

@iamdtms Don't the people still need places they can store illegal stuff indefinitely?

@cattailnu Probably they do not want to have 'free' things any more? 🙄

@iamdtms Or they've just gotten way better at just taking from the original source?

@iamdtms Yeah, I'm sure the legals will agree with you...

@iamdtms I would still love to have this technology as an option „just in case“.
Kind of backdoor for us if corporations are going to pull something weird and completely unnecessary again, like BMW heated seats subscription.

@iamdtms Sooner or later, with any service, you'll run into a legal dispute or an editorial decision that leads to material being removed (for example on Spotify that is a daily problem). Or in smaller countries, valuable local dubbing disappear, etc.

@alesi it's not IT. DRM to GNU. It's law. It's human rights. It is not my authority, hopefully.

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