Never saw an original Albers until today at Art Museum. Color theory to this day is partly based on Josef Albers.

For whoever said they never saw networking equipment in the wild.

Let’s reel back in from the SPA fever dream we’ve been living for years.

Stop putting people in leadership positions that lack empathy.

Virtual DOM is pure overhead

Tired of ? Code with vanilla and and gain

- interoperability
- lower learning curve
- long component lifespan
- better performance
- zero dependencies


Get started today with my book Fullstack Web Components: The Complete Guide To Building UI Libraries with Web Components available on Newline!

The way you have to provide services to in topological order makes me want to 🤮

Yeah! Stage 3 decorators are merged into typescript! Excited to work with them.

I dread the time I get a ticket and have to pay the clerk because it’s either 1984 or Naked Lunch in there.

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As much money as Zurich has though I saw the same train used by the Max running in that city.

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Last year I tried explaining to a Swiss couple how patterned itself after European cities. They responded, “but look at how you treat the homeless” as the biggest differentiator and I couldn’t disagree, because the Swiss have programs for people in the same situation. We need to stop making excuses and enable the homeless to be part of society.

A dude was petitioning at a pod last night to start a new political party in . He said the intent was to undermine the Democrats and Republicans and form a party for the people. I asked a few questions, offering alternatives because I wasn’t convinced. Then the guy started getting all punk rock on me and spoke in a vernacular I could understand. I signed. 😂

It’s been almost 20 years since I was hands on with a Nam June Paik Wobbulator and I’m still in disbelief I got to experiment with such an amazing relic of history.

Pretty soon it’ll be time to pick up a video camera again and make some art.

~90% of web design and development is about thinking and planning, not jumping straight into code and buildings as fast as possible. Lay a solid foundation and your future self will thank you. @andy hits the nail on the head with this excellent article

New blog post dropping tomorrow morning on about . Look out!

I made eggs in a hole with campagnolo bread. The result is nothing short of amazing.

I can’t be the only one that presses the wrong button on the alarm every morning. Am I right?

I just asked ChatGPT to code and the results are actually pretty good. Obligatory blog post in tow.

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