Never saw an original Albers until today at Art Museum. Color theory to this day is partly based on Josef Albers.

For whoever said they never saw networking equipment in the wild.

I did get out for a walk today but the lighting was meh, except this shot of the Max going southbound in SE.

I have this minimal aesthetic to my lately. Trying to explore that further, but also ramping up to get more of a cinematic feel. This is an example.

After being disabled for 6 months I can finally use my camera again. The creative juices are starting to flow and my cynical take on America is finding its way back in my photography.

I call this one “Still Life in Texas.”

Today I got to visit a public I first learned about 20 years ago.

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX created by Ant Farm in 1974, an art collective from San Francisco. Since it was first installed the public has added layers of graffiti and most likely gutted parts of the Cadillacs, but they remain partially buried as they were installed in the soil.

Only Americans would recreate Stonehenge with Home Depot in the background.

Populating the graph database on takes some time. doesn't like parallel requests (some of the queries are quite large), so the most sustainable path was a recursive script that creates all the metadata and relationships for each 4K disc.

The short term gain is interesting ways to find new 4K Blu-ray based on relational data, long-time gain is finding titles like another or are subtitled in a particular language, etc. Graph DB FTW!

Pretty nice improvement due to and with @lit-labs/ssr.

Still gotta figure out how to minify inline CSS and HTML with vite, but almost there with a 97% performance score.

Nice side effect of good performance and , now there's a 100% score for every standalone page on 🎉

Can you guess which was delivered today? The Steelbook is very nice.

Find out which discs are released every week at

Server-side rendering Declarative Shadow DOM templates can be as simple as manipulating strings.

In progress example of a function exported from a component for the purposes of . are fun!

Definitely worth seeing in a theater if you can. Guillermo Del Toro is a creative genius.

This story was better than I could have imagined.

"Rewrite Winnie the Pooh as a psychological thriller"

Coming up with a that felt familiar, while balancing all the information for each Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray was a challenge for

This was a good first pass, far better than most sites laden with ads that clutter your visual field. What do you think?

It always feels good to score 100% score on a project I'm working on. This project involved a lot of tabindex wrangling, focus trapping a modal, and more. Should work pretty good with a screen reader although still some issues in certain browsers. Squashed most of the bugs, onto server-side rendering and enhancing performance.

See for yourself at

Last two cameras I purchased were named camera of the year from multiple sources. This year it is the X-H2, last time it was the revolutionary X-T2.

When innovates it makes waves.

Panic! Nova just keeps getting better. Now the app has git diff built in, I never open VSCode. This new automatic code folding feature is awfully nice too.

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