If all you are doing is WCAG testing, and you feel the screen reader does not matter so much (or quirks in screen readers are the problem of screen readers), then you aren’t really doing accessibility testing.

You are doing code compliance testing. A human linter.

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Does it bother anyone else that JS Illuminati so over confidently pushed SPAs and JS rendered everything, only to later side step and re-invent server side rendering?

My work is wrecking my mental health. And I'm becoming deeply disillusioned with frontend web development. I don't know what to do.

What was the last inanimate thing you spoke to (aside from your phone or smart device) ?

I was just getting ready for bed and realized I was talking to my pillows. “You go here and you go over there. “

As if they needed to be told. They know where they belong.

"Fuck around and find out" is not a cautionary tale or a warning. It's a guide. Fuck around with things. Find out how they work.

Well, I'll go ahead an talk about it publicly. I was laid off yesterday. I have enjoyed my time at Traina, and wish them the best going forward.

Let me know if you need help with any frontend projects or if you have any openings for a frontend dev. #Job #Layoffs #HireMe

This is not the best time in the industry to have one foot out the door at my current role. But that's what it's come to.

Tip for anyone who's been put off building stuff with JS due to the terrifying array of build tools and packages and framework choices you have to make these days

You don't have to use any of that stuff!

A few years ago I gave myself permission to ignore it all and just use default browser environments... and it turns out to be a really fun, productive, dare I say delightful environment to work in

Now that we can ignore IE compatibility modern JS and browser APIs are really nice to work with!

Being #disabled sure changed my perspective on just about everything. Today I'm thinking about how stuff gets designed, and how it's nearly always something like "let's get this working first, then we can make it #accessible when we are successful enough that we can afford to." Making products that can be used by disabled people is literally an afterthought, and it is intentionally so. My radical thought is that stuff should get designed FIRST for disabled people to use, then if you want to streamline stuff for abled folks with superpowers, feel free to do that.

It is ethically bad to cater to the people who have things easiest at the expense of those who have it the hardest. Oh sure, you can claim that you wouldn't be able to have a product at all if you had to make it accessible from the start, but you know what? I don't care. Either way I don't get something I can use. Why should I feel bad that abled people don't get something if I don't get it? They never feel bad that I can't use something even if they can. So I'm no longer accepting "it's too hard to succeed by doing the right thing" as an excuse. If you can't do something ethically, you shouldn't do it.

How to write a dystopian novel:
Write about what already happens to marginalized folks, but let it happen to white people

There are two wolves inside you.

Any additional wolves should check the hot desking spreadsheet on google drive for the day they plan to be here.

Thank you,
Office Manager

"I take responsibility" is the new "thoughts and prayers"

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is sleep.

Stay mentally active by reading, solving puzzles, or learning a new skill. I stay mentally active by ruminating on the past wrongs committed against me.

My employer Deque Systems has openings for all types of jobs relating to digital accessibility! deque.com/company/careers/#ope #a11y #jobs

If you don't see a connection between a rise in union organizing and corporate america laying people off for no economic reason then it's because you're trying not to see it.

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