We are all about helping our clients and small businesses in general. So, we thought we’d put together a guide to help small, local businesses sharpen their marketing toolset in our ever-changing economy.

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For my first real post about design I thought I’d explain my (it’s actually a if you want to be picky).

I wanted it modern with subtle design and art cues. The typefaces are Bauhaus and Courier; Bauhaus, arguably a symbol of the ultra-modern, clean, abstract font of the time; and, Courier, the monospaced take on one of the first mass-used typefaces thanks to the typewriter. The layering of these two typefaces with a little negative space was it.

My was born, in 1996.

Hello all!

I thought I'd introduce myself and my company, Macdonald Design.

We have been doing , and work in since 1999. I built my fist website with Netscape Navigator Gold, Photoshop 2.5 and HoTMetaL in 1996. It was a hobby/side hustle.

The company I worked for sold and moved in 1998. They gave me a "golden handshake" and I started my own company in 1999. Wow, it's been a ride ever since...

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