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If you are new to #mastodon, migrating from #twitter and you love to post videos, please consider posting your video over at a hosting site such as Youtube or Vimeo (others exist). Then post the link, it should show and play in your Toot.
It saves your server from having to store and stream huge quantities of extra data.
I'm going to add into here that federated hosting exists in the form of #peertube as well which is worth a look at.

Since mastodon is getting new user-base and more people are setting up new servers.
Mastodon team should provide better and easy solutions for setting up new servers and upgrading to new versions. It’s a nightmare at the moment.

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I feel like a Mastodon client optimized for developers would be super fun. Here's an early concept!

Donald Trump should join Mastodon and create his own server, true freedom of speech isn’t it?

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On Twitter, some people are warning that Mastodon server/instance admins can read your DMs. As if this would somehow be worse than Musk and Zuckerberg reading your messages.

More importantly: if Twitter & Facebook have taught us anything, it's that you shouldn't use a *public* social media platform for exchanging *private* messages.

That's what Signal is for.

Microsoft Azure is a hell to run Mastodon and try to upgrade!

We have now integrated Amazon SES for this community server because we are witnessing rapid growth in the user-base.
We are spending money on the server and tech costs to run this community from our own pocket.
Lets grow this small community into our own twitter :)

Let the battle begins!
Twitter vs Mastodon! Say it loud and clear brother and sisters.

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