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Every time I talk about @Mastodon in one of my videos, I get comments telling me they couldn't figure out how to ue it, or that it's too complicated.

So, I mae a complete guide to #Mastodon: how to create an account, how to find people to follow, how to use it, and the general etiquette here!

(Of course, you all already know all of that, but now you have a reference guide you can share with people who struggle to join us here!)

#opensource #Linux #fediverse

@hridaya Never a day went by that I didn't feel the same way.

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Feeling a little down after losing another Speaker vote

. @appsec4one I have a few accounts and one of them can log in but not the other two.

. @mastodonmigration these won't be the last offers you receive either.

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The NORAD Twitter account has been suspended for doxxing the location of Santa's sleigh.

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Gotta love tech journalists who describe Mastodon as "that impossible-to-use website." First of all, it's an app. C'mon. Second of all, aren't these the same people who write breathless explainers about the wonder of cryptocurrencies, which are not only impossible to understand but literally built from bullshit?

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@Popehat They sure do bring anarchy, but also so much joy!

@Volpit @wordpress you could just include font awesome css and create your own links.

. @hbuchel You won't be rewarded for nights and weekends in any line of work. Boundaries are critical.

This is one reason I worked hard to start a union in my previous workplace, and spent 5 years to advocate for the staff for two contracts that I am proud of.

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It constantly amazes me:

1) How poorly this country treats asylum immigrants who have lived through hell to come to our border to build a better life.

2) How utterly and completely mainstream / popular media’s perspective on these migrants has been pushed so, so, so far right – the GOP drives their messaging. Turning these people who want to come here to build a better life into criminals.

These folks want to come here! So badly! Let ‘em on in! Ugh.

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