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A recent design project I've been working on: a social app for bird watchers. I will explore this idea more in an upcoming case study. And at some point, I may build out a proof of concept.


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i feel like i'm pretty obsessed with my work which is web design and fe dev currently but my boyfriend he just. works all of the time. i'm tired yall!

i have been getting to know react for a week and a half now and today was my first real struggle. i need to have a drop-down menu for a project im working on and i tried using bootstrap react but completely failed, tried finding out the issue for hours and ended up scratching the whole thing 🤣
i followed a tutorial on YouTube to code it without another library and it was much more streamlined and easy for me. it isn’t done yet but it’s not breaking the whole code so that’s a good sign 🤣

hello mastodonytes or whatever we're all called over there!
i'm emma, currently studying to learn front-end development and web design. i'm hoping to find more people in tech here but to also just have a place to rant about anything and everything!

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