If you're like me, and hate having Shorts mixed in between your YouTube subscription videos, I've wrote a short script that removes them. Use Tampermonkey (Chrome) or PageExtender (Safari) to inject it.


Added a small 3D detail to my new Kurzgesagt poster 🤘🚀

Since I’ve stopped using Twitter, Screentime started counting crazy stats for it, like 15h a day? Weird

I know how I'm spending my Saturday: my daughter loves LEGO Ninjago, so I decided to create a board game for her. We already have a working prototype, and now I'm designing the cards for the set! She's my art director today for the badges and special powers.

Oh how I miss Flight Control from iOS… Are there any games with similar mechanics?

For me personally 2022 has been great for gaming: here are the ones I was able to finish. And now, my body is ready for Ragnarök 🪓

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