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@stroughtonsmith Amazing :) Enjoy!

Some #Twitter things that the company didn’t build or invent itself:

• Twitterrific was the first mobile Twitter app
• The word tweet made its first official appearance on Twitterrific
• The hashtag was from Chris Messina
• Advanced Twitter Search was originally Summize
• Twitter bought TweetDeck
• Live stream was from Periscope acquisition
• The official Twitter app was originally Tweetie which they purchased from Loren Brichter
• Mentioning people with an @ was user driven and wasn’t linked to accounts because they didn’t consider conversations to take place on Twitter initially
• Quote tweet was adopted from people copy+pasting tweets and adding RT in front of the copied tweet
• Threads were built to accomodate existing user behavior

Did I miss anything major?

[update 29/1] lots of additions in the replies that I thought should get added here

• Image attachments added after third party services like imageshack/yfrog, and twitpic became super popular.
• Twitterrific was first to officially associate Twitter with a bird
• Retweet was adopted from user behavior (you couldn’t comment or add context using the official retweet so many people kept using RT until Twitter introduced native QT)
• Scheduling, posting across accounts, and team/shared accounts were from Hootsuite
• Popularity of short link services like isgd and bitly lead to tco url masking

Something that people may not have been aware, in my corner of Twitter in those early years, people interpreted RT not as retweet but as reply to. So they weren’t replying by hitting the reply button but by manually quote tweeting and adding RT after their response.

There’s enough confusion over RT so I’m gonna add this example


If you're like me, and hate having Shorts mixed in between your YouTube subscription videos, I've wrote a short script that removes them. Use Tampermonkey (Chrome) or PageExtender (Safari) to inject it.


@_german love this feature, but it’s only available on iOS right now, not on the Mac :(

@ismh happy birthday Stephen! I’m also 37, it’s competely okay!

Currently porting the Mastodon logo as SF Symbol to be able to add it easily on my apps… The filled version is ready, currently doing the outlined one.

I will probably share the file on Github when it will be ready. ☺️

#mastodon #indiedev #indieapp #iosdev #sfsymbols #swiftui

Yes, this is the actual Cabel and yes, I am excited to be here!

Despite the ridiculous/hilariously inept circumstances that finally pushed me in this direction, a reboot feels like it was long overdue. It’s nice to see so many familiar follower faces — I feel like I know many of you even though we’ve likely never met.

Anyway I got some new cereals to post soon so, well, let’s do it

Ok, so.

Tweets look really good when you send them in Messages on iOS/macOS. Mastodon posts… don’t. So I built a little tool that makes them much nicer to look at:


Add ?to={any Mastodon post URL} to the end of that domain and when you send it to a friend, you get the nice looking preview. Of course the page makes it easy to paste a URL in. And there’s a Shortcut to make it even easier on iOS or macOS.

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I see some misconceptions going around, so here's a clarification about @ivory:

You *can* add a non-Mastodon account to it. Here, I added my @[email protected] profile to Ivory and posted a picture from the app.

Obviously this works for now because Pixelfed is API-compatible with Mastodon. I love federation, so I hope Ivory will eventually be ActivityPub-compatible more broadly as well. (Plus other things I mentioned in my review.)

Say Hello to Ivory. We are now available to all on Apple’s App Store! We have launched as “Early Access” because we still have a lot of exciting plans ahead of that will make Ivory even better. Go download it, try it free for 7 days, and experience it for yourself!


@devondundee awesome, congrats Devon! We just had our second in November, such a great thing to be a dad :)

I'm not sure who to credit for this list as I've seen it posted in many places, but I like it anyway - 33 ways to stay creative.

@_Nec oh nice! only read the first book, are the others worth it?

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